Welcome to Wine by the Fireside

It’s been said that brilliance, or at least deep insight, is found in that special state of consciousness unearthed in the overlap between the first and second bottle of wine.  With Wine by the Fireside we will travel and explore that vision and wisdom, heavily influenced by our souls, rooted in the heart of Up North, as this northwest coastal corner of Michigan is called by those who know it and love it.

Up North is on the Great Lakes, also known as the Inland Seas, home to great beauty, powerful weather and unique geology.  Wine is a major player Up North; we’ve been called the Napa of the Midwest, while Italian friends have insisted it is more like Tuscany.  Though it has influences of both, in reality it is neither; rather it has its own stunning ambience, visage and atmosphere.

While Wine by the Fireside isn’t expressly about Up North, it is flavored significantly by the complexion of the region around us.  It is impossible to live here, or even visit, and not be changed by Up North’s essence of land, water, air and light; impossible to ignore the honesty, goodwill, and genuine friendliness of its people.

We will bring essays, observations, occasional poetry, and perhaps special recipes that focus on life’s journey and time spent by the fireside, alone and with someone special; all influenced by the personality of this unique northern paradise and its lifestyles; we’ll examine how these sojourns enhance our minds and souls.

I’m shooting for weekly posts, but recent weeks have had an unusual number of “life” occurrences.  Still,  I’m working on getting back to my regular schedule.  If you would like an email announcing each new post, click here and let us know on the contact page.  We’re big on privacy, any information you provide will go no further.  We would love to hear your thoughts and insights as well, so send us comments when you wish, we will respond.

Pour a glass of wine and peruse our writings. 

Thank you for visiting!