I Was Always into Boogie

and I Talked with Louis Armstrong

The Journey Up North along Musical Highways and Byways

The Music of the Spheres is real Up North and so is the Music of the Lakes.  Not just the Great Lakes, but the thousands of smaller lakes that also owe their existence to the glaciers.  Big Water, Music, and wine by the fireside all provide an antidote to the sorrows and challenges that accompany life.

Music is a big part of the Up North frame of mind, and a big part of my journey and my joy.

In the immediate area we have a group called Jazz North that performs regularly, always to a sizable audience.

The bass player is a friend – Glenn Wolff, a well-known illustrator of many books – and another music lover.  Many musicians of note hail from and frequently perform Up North – Jay Kott, Josh Davis, E Minor, Billy Strings, May Erlewine, The Accidentals, Robin Lee Berry, Dominic Fortuna, Blake Elliott, and dozens more of exceptional talent.

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