Who Am I?

That’s a complicated question for anyone. Taking a direct road, I’ll stick to background details and significant experiences that have accompanied me so far.

First, I’m Rod Robinson of Traverse City. Husband, father, grandfather, with a dog and a cat. Nerd, scientist, foodie, wine lover, student, businessman, reader, romantic, lover of nature. And a writer.

The Beginning

I was born and raised in a small university town about 50 miles from Chicago. My background was blue-collar, but exposure to art, music and science from visits to the “Big City” opened doors in my mind and added rich depth to my dreams. A disfiguring attack in my early years left me a bit of a loner, but I was precocious and began to excel in school.

By the time I was ten I was frequenting the Museum of Science and Industry, Field Museum of Natural History, Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium and the Art Institute, with an occasional trip to Wrigley Field or Comiskey Park, when a baseball game occupied just two hours of an afternoon.

And I started writing.

The Middle

I went from my small town to a large university, selected in part because no one from my hometown had gone there for years. I wanted to re-invent myself. College years were devoted to math, physics and computer science, but I left the program shortly before my PhD to develop software, back in the days when a computer required a large room.

I continued writing and journaling.

And along the way, I had developed an intimacy with the environment, sustainable farming, and healthy food through the lectures and writings of leading edge biochemists and food scientists.

Years developing database software followed, and then a new path into real estate development, focusing on green and people-friendly projects. The death of my business partner and economic turmoil left me drifting, landing hard, then relocating Up North to rediscover the natural world, the Great Lakes, great beauty, and great food. A return to journaling and writing about the earth’s magic and life’s essence helped me rebound to living a full life.

And Now

I love Up North (as we call Northwest Michigan), exploring its unique environment, protecting its resources and sharing its allure with others. My wife of 45 years is an accomplished artist and inspires me to see the grace and mystery in our surroundings. Family and special friends are nearby, as well as other earthy, honest people who also love this region.

So my adventure continues!

©-Rod Robinson